Four Ways to Serve Organic Baby Food

With it’s many benefits, organic baby food is becoming more accessible to busy moms. Organic food is free from harmful additives and pesticides that can harm your baby. It provides added nutrition and reduces the risk of developing food allergies. Regardless of your lifestyle and cooking style, you can find an organic option to serve your baby. russian grocery store

Organic baby food is easy to find – just look in the refrigerated section of your favorite grocery store. HomeMade Baby, sells freshly pureed organic fruits and vegetables in stores nationwide. You can also check your local yellow pages to find companies that will deliver fresh baby food directly to your front door.

Purchasing frozen organic baby food is super convenient. It allows you to only thaw the amount of food you need in order to avoid waste. The freezing process is a natural way to preserve the food’s nutrients. Companies such as Happy Baby and Plum Organics sell frozen baby food in grocery stores.

If you cannot find organic food in your grocer’s freezer section, purchase jarred organic baby food directly from the shelves. Because this food is processed at a high heat, it can lose some of its beneficial nutrients. However, jarred organic baby food is still free from sugar, salt and other preservatives, making it a more nutritious choice than non-organic food. You can find Earth’s Best meals, cereals and snacks in most grocery stores.

Especially adventurous moms may want to make baby food at home. To get started, you will need a blender or grinder, ice cube trays, plastic wrap, freezer bags, and a skillet or saucepan.

Here are six simple steps to make your own organic baby food:

1. Purchase organic fruits and vegetables.

2. Wash your supplies in hot, soapy water in order to sterilize them.

3. Place peeled, cored and sliced fruit or veggies into a skillet with just enough water to cover them.

4. Steam the pieces until they are tender and puree them in the blender. Add water, if needed.

5. Place the puree in ice cube trays, and cover it in plastic wrap keep it fresh.

6. Place the tray in a ziplock bag, seal it and place it in the freezer within 48 hours.

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